Bharathi Park | Aayi Mandapam


Location of Aayi Mandapam

Aayi mandapam is one of the most famous monuments in the tourist places of Pondicherry. It is surrounded with fresh green garden known as the Bharathi Park. Aayi mandapam is found within the centre of Park.

Bharathi park and design of Aayi Mandapam

Aayi mandapam was built during the ruling time of Napoleon III and the style is of Greco-Roman architecture. All important government buildings are present near the surroundings of Bharathi Park. During Napoleon III period, water scarcity was cleared and to celebrate the availability of water, the Aayi mandapam was built.

Story behind Aayi Mandapam

The historic story involves the early period of Krishnadevarayar. A lady destroyed her own house and erected a water reservoir to supply water to the entire city of Pondicherry. She was a bold lady who served her life and house in order to save people of Pondicherry from scarcity of water.

The monument structure was only built during the reign of Napoleon. The water tank built by Aayi was useful to dig water to the people in the entire city during the French rule in India. So Napoleon III ordered the architects to build a monument in the memory of the lady Aayi. To make people aware of Aayi and her sacrifice, this monument was built in the centre of Bharathi park.

Salute to Aayi for her sacrifice

Aayi monument is still present in Pondicherry and very well preserved with luscious garden in the Bharathi Park. Memorial writing is also done on the walls of the monument for thanking Aayi to provide water for people in the town. Memorial and monument really pays a great tribute to Aayi ’s deed.

Tourist places near Aayi Mandapam

Famous tourist places of Pondicherry like Auroville dining, Sri Aurobindo ashram and the promenade beach is located very near to Aayi Mandapam. Promenade beach is just walkable from the entrance of Bharathi park.

Romain Rolland library, the governor’s palace is all found just opposite to the Bharathi Park. It is more convenient to visit major tourist places in Pondicherry found in the white town.
Bharathi Park is named after a great poet Bharathiyar who spent his last days of Life in Pondicherry. Locals of Pondicherry can be shot at every morning in Bharathi Park. This park helps for relaxing after jogging and do exercise in the pleasant morning each day.

Bharathi park is found crowded during the weekend times. It is familiar for its colourful gardening. Obviously Bharathi park is a super cool place in Pondicherry to spend sunny days with a natural environment. 

Opposite to Governor’s place,
White Town, Puducherry.

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