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A place to gather abundant knowledge

Romain Rolland Library is the famous and well-known library in Pondicherry. It is also the biggest library and was earlier called as Bibliotheque Publique. The public library is renovated with air conditioning rooms for the convenience of readers visiting frequently.

Thousands of people are using this library in a daily basis and two lakhs books are annually circulated to the readers. Romain Rolland Library meets nearly 100 peoples a day, who spend their valuable time for reading in the room facilities available. The name of this library is actually a name of French scholar. He was also a good friend of Gandhi. Romain Rolland Library is found near popular places in Pondicherry like Sri Aurobindo ashram, Legislative assembly and chief post office.

Children and youngster section in Romain Rolland library

In order to enhance the reading habit among the younger generations, Romain Rolland Library has inbuilt a separate section for children. Books for children are available with a variety of themes like story books, elementary level books, travel books, image books, adventures and classic books. The children section is accessible from evening 4 pm to 7 pm. Moreover in vacation times and weekly holidays, children section works from morning 9:00 am to 12:30 pm then from evening 4 pm to 7 pm.

Unique book collections in Romain Rolland

People from distant lands visit Romain Rolland to do their analysis work. A separate section is available for rare books collections with most recent books. Nearly thousands of students are approaching this rare book section.

Romain Rolland has more collections of French books and ancient written scripts of the country. The wide range of collections can be found regarding the Tamil literature. Many books, scholarly writings, novels and magazines are being perfectly maintained by Romain Rolland Library.

Convenient library in Pondicherry

Modernised microfilm counters and open access systems are accessible by the people of Pondicherry to engage them with books for a specific time. Romain Rolland Library is convenient and easily reachable for the rural peoples. The library is convenient for choosing a book. Separate sections are available based on categories of books like novels, literature, languages, autobiographies and books with various themes! Newspapers and daily magazines are used by the general public. Only on Monday the Romain Rolland library is closed.

The Romain Rolland Library is regularly maintained by Department of Arts and culture. The library is well maintained with silence to read books and magazines. Romain Rolland is the suited library as it is found in the middle of the white town in Pondicherry. Even though some other good libraries are available in Pondicherry, Romain Rolland is the best to have a visit, for reading books that relate to each individual’s preference. Don’t miss it when you visit Pondicherry! 

No. 1, Romain Rolland Street,

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