Saneeswarar Temple


Way to Saneeswarar Temple

Saneeswarar temple in Pondicherry is found quite away from the white town of Pondicherry. It is exactly on the route of Auroville which is convenient for the tourists to spot the tourist places location at the same time.

From the city of Pondicherry, the temple is just 7 km apart. The temple is fully maintained with calm atmosphere as it is slightly away from the busy city.

The idol of Saneeswarar and navagrahas

The Saneeswarar temple is specially built in Pondicherry for the Navagrahas that is gods of 9 Planets. Sri Chidambara gurukkal is an associate predictor of the saneeswarar temple. The lord saneeswaran in this temple is about hugely 27 feet tall.

Separate navagrahas sanidhi

Actually there are 12 zodiac signs in Horoscope for all human individuals. Those zodiac signs are designed at the bottom of the Hindu deity. It is religiously good to see each navagraha god has their separate sanidhis along with a specific tree. There are separate vahanas (known as a vehicle) for each navagraha gods. The navagraha idols are 15 feet tall that gives an enormous view.

Among them, Surya the sun god is present at the centre who resembles his importance compared with Navagrahas.

Vinayagar statue in Saneeswaran Temple

In the saneeswarar temple, there is also a huge Vinayagar Statue. He is 34 feet tall and made of gold paintings. The idol is present at the entrance and gives darshan to the devotees as soon as you enter the temple. The steps that lead you to the immense Vinayaga are also high. The lord saneeswarar is also called as Lord Shiva. Before you go for worship, oil lamps can be bought for darshan in the small shops in front of the Saneeswarar temple.

Trees and lands in Saneeswarar Temple

The area of saneeswarar temple occupies about 1.5 acres where mostly you can find trees surrounding the temple. As each navagrahas have each distinct trees, there also certain trees that denote the zodiac signs. People with various zodiac signs worship the tree that belongs to their star. Worshipping the god with oil lamps and tress related to star is all a kind of worship in Hinduism.

The calm and undisturbed environment gives a religious experience. People who follow Vedas and mantras visit this temple as the Lord Saneeswarar provide gain related to science. Poojas are also done with various kinds of flowers according to the star of an individual. Saneeswarar temple seems more attractive for people who visit for first time. You can know about some spiritual aspects by visiting the temple. Each navagraha idol plays a significant role for each star.

The Saneeswarar temple is more visited by religious people in Pondicherry. You can also an opportunity to have a look at the local peoples and their way of Worshipping. The temple is really interesting to visit at least once when you drop by Pondicherry! 

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Tamil Nadu.

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