St. James Court Beach Resort | Pondicherry


St. James Court Beach Resort is a sea-facing resort in Pondicherry. It is found near the Pondicherry Engineering College. The James Court is found in 1998. The resort is set with comfortable staying for Leisure and Business guests.

Deluxe rooms in the resort

There is much availability of deluxe rooms, super deluxe rooms and also the government suites. The rooms are furnished with decent wood works. Rooms are equipped with a fantastic dressing mirror, digital display TV and clean bathrooms.

Sea view is also available in James-court to enjoy the luxury stay in Pondicherry. You can book rooms online for your convenience with checking the availability. Rooms designed with facing the resort looks amazing. It gives a fantastic view of the entire resort.

Facilities in the St. James Court Resort

Board space, Houses of Lord, Royal castle, Banquet and sea view Conference halls are all available for Business, Private Company and social gatherings. The resort also encloses athletic facility and a great lawn. Rooms for a recreation of guests and hospitality professionals for looking at the arrangements are also enclosed within the resort of James Court.

Spacious car parking looks perfect. DJ on parties is overwhelming with their talents. The resort is accessible with 24 hours room facilities. A children’s park is available with many outdoor activities and exciting part is the game room for adults with a lot of interesting indoor games.

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