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Windflower Resort and spa is located quite away from the city of Pondicherry. The resort is located near the famous our lady of health church in Ariyankuppam. The resort is very close to the beach with airy ambience. The location of the resort is easy to reach. The beautiful resort in Pondicherry is the windflower resort and spa.

Room facilities of Windflower Resort

Rooms are facilitated with a king and twin beds. hair dryers, electronic kettle, tea making facilities are available in the private room with safety. Complimentary Wi-Fi, satellite television and DVD players keep you engage with the luxurious room. Furniture with French windows everywhere gives a majestic feel in the resort. Online reservation can be done before arrival. People from distant places or countries can book prior to enjoying the stay in Windflower Resort.

Windflower Resort’s dining

Multi cuisine restaurant at the resort serves excellent food with high-quality dishes. Guests can interact with chef through live counters. You can have your extreme taste of food by explaining to the chef. The fulfilling lunch or dinner is provided in the restaurant with excellent service.

The sea view restaurant is designed with antique furniture that creates a beautiful ambience. The lightings are pleasant to have a romantic dinner! Unique and fresh sea foods are the highlighting foods of the dining in windflower resort. Guests can have a quiet picnic lunch on the banks of a stream.

Adoring spa of Windflower Resort

Stylish spa occupies the prominent place in Windflower Resort. Entire body massage treatment with an inhaling aroma of saffron is sweet to experience! The sense of smoothness is felt with the expert massage and utmost care is provided in the spa! Experience the sense of renewal that can only come from an expert massage, refreshing treatments and age-old techniques.

Luxurious environment in the resort

The rich green garden surroundings and the presence of sea are the amazing places in the resort. The beach in the resort is an extension of Veerampattinam beach. Special handcrafts, simple stones and polished hardwood make the windflower resort memorable in views.

You can stroll along the beach. Evening ambience is perfect to go a walk along the beach. You can see a lot of sea shells and spider crabs passing nearby you on the sands of the beach.
Pondicherry Windflower beach is between the backwater and the bright blue ocean. The resort is the world of generous luxury provided with open spaces. There is an availability of activity room with board games. A luxury filled family weekend can be worth spending in the Windflower Resort and spa of Pondicherry.

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Survey No.198/1,198/2,
Maraimalai Adigal Street,
Chinnaveeram Pattinam,
Ariyankuppam Post, Puducherry.

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