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Cool ambience of Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is found in the centre of the city in Pondicherry. It is preserved well with a lot of varieties of trees and plants. People visit the garden and cherish the pure form of nature. Even on hot and sunny days, the lovely garden stays cool and fresh as there are many trees found around the entire garden.

Design and location of Botanical Garden

The gorgeous gate of the beautiful garden is designed in French Architecture. The Botanical Garden occupies a huge area of nearly 22 acres in the centre of the city and the old bus stand is located very near to the garden. The Botanical Garden is pinpointed in the south-west side of Pondicherry.

Migration of birds

The entire evergreen garden was constructed in a fashioned French style and pollard trees were found in abundance in 1826. To enhance migration of birds in the garden, pollard trees were planted and flower beds are present.

Weekend enjoyment in Botanical Garden

Gravel ways are made in the whole Botanical Garden that looks creative. A fountain is present inside the precious garden. Musical Fountain dancing with colourful light shows is held every weekend. The show takes place twice in the evening. Obviously, children can enjoy a lot with the rhythm and lightings of Musical Fountain.

Remodelling of the Garden

The Botanical Garden present now was remodelled once in 1831 and many distant plants from all over the world were suggested by French people. French got some assistance from others to get varieties of plants in Botanical Garden.

Joyous train and fascinating things in Botanical Garden

Around 1500 rare plant species can be seen in the Pondicherry garden. A joy train is found that takes people and goes around the entire Botanical Garden. The Garden is an amazing place to take children and have enthusiasm in the joy train and enjoy the musical fountain in the evening.

There is also a fish aquarium present inside the garden. A variety of fishes from various countries can be shot in the fantastic Garden aquarium of Pondicherry. People who love nature can undoubtedly adore the environment. Do not miss your visit to the lovely Garden!

Lots of trees are ready in and around the garden, to provide shady places to rest for a while. Great varieties of flora can be spot and singing of colourful birds is heard that takes you all to a relaxing mind.

Significance of the pretty garden

The garden is found in Pondicherry nearly since 100 years. Trees and plant species are labelled with scientific and Tamil names. Around 6 fountains are designed within the garden and an ornamental fish aquarium is built. The entrance to the garden is free and timings are from 10 am to 5 pm. There is a Japanese rock found inside the garden where most tourists prefer to click their selfies!

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