Heritage Walking Tour | Pondicherry


Fascinating French architecture buildings can be explored by heritage walking along the lanes in Puducherry. Walking tour is available in Pondicherry, arranged by the Tourism Department. It is named as the Heritage Tour.

Unique colours of buildings in heritage walking tour

White town of Pondicherry has grand colonial buildings that are painted with white and yellow colours. The ashram building has its unique colour with white and grey paintings. Tamil and Muslim quarters found in the surroundings of White town represent its unique design with its colours.

Immense tourist places near the beach

The Heritage Walking tour starts from the beach road known as Goubert Salai. The beach road covers major tourist places in Pondicherry. The grand promenade beach and its view is where you start the tour. Gandhi’s statue with four pillars around looks amazing to click your photos.

Dupleix statue is found at the end of the beach with a small garden. The old and new lighthouse that gives a stunning view can have glanced while walking along the beach. The French war memorial is present at the centre of the beach that makes you feel peaceful and pray. The memorial is designed with two long pillars that make people get astonished in its view!

Our Lady of Angels church has a fantastic French architecture building. Joan of Arc statue is dedicated for the brave lady. Pondicherry }useum is found with lots of ancient collections and finally the government gardens that are well preserved with extreme facilities to rest and have snacks.

Tamil and French architectures

The specific place for the Tamil quarter in Pondicherry includes sacred heart cathedral and Manakula Vinayagar temple. In the heritage tour, you will have an opportunity to visit the famous cafe near the beach. French quarters is the another fascinating place to visit in Pondicherry. The buildings in Pondicherry can be shot with both French and Indian style of buildings.
The morning time tour will involve about 3 hours where you can stroll on the small fish and vegetable markets. Though it seems little messy, you can have a look at the cheap cost of fresh fishes and vegetables.

Dominant part of Heritage Tour

The main visit of heritage walking tour is the Ashram found near the Manakula vinayagar temple. Sri Aurobindo ashram is the best and famous tourist place in Pondicherry. The ashram is familiar more than 100 years ago.

Tourists can get a chance to visit the roof of the buildings while visiting the Tamil quarters in Pondicherry. It is amazing to know the history of Pondicherry. The culture is mixed with the Indian and foreign country. The pathways and garden are well preserved with cleanliness and the view of entire Pondicherry is wonderful to visit and spend time. Do not miss the heritage tour in Pondicherry!

Adoring architectures in Pondicherry

Tourists from various countries enjoy Pondicherry and prefer it for a long stay. Pondicherry is full of French and Tamil architecture buildings. The peaceful and spiritual ambience makes Pondicherry furthermore precious place for all tourists!

With its calm and youthful atmosphere, colourful bungalows, French buildings, Pondicherry attracts people of all ages! Pondicherry is especially admired for its churches in various styles of architecture. You can end at the same place where you started your Heritage walking tour. The timings of the tour are from morning 8:00 am to afternoon 12:30 pm. People can book earlier in the Pondicherry tourism Information office to enjoy the walk in the white town of Pondicherry! 

Puducherry Tourist Information centre,
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