Kargil War Memorial


Emergence of Kargil war memorial

The remembrance of kargil war is built as the kargil war memorial was done by the Indian army on beach road side. To commemorate the war that was far from conventional and a widely spread one but saved 527 brave troopers of India. In a territory and altitude they fought with enemies where normal people had difficulty to walk along the place. Really those soldiers were the real heroes at the time of kargil war for which we are and will be indebted forever.

Cause for Kargil War

The armed kargil conflict was with Pakistan and India held between July and May 1999. Kargil war took place in the kargil district of Kashmir that crossed the line of control. The reason behind the war was that infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on Indian side that served as de facto border between two states. Finally Indian army supported the Indian air force and with final diplomatic support, the Pakistani forces were forced to with Indian positions.

Design of Kargil war memorial

Kargil war memorial design ill touch everyone’s soul and make them feel proud of being an Indian. This war memorial is exactly found opposite to the chief secretariat office located in the northern part of Puducherry beach. Kargil war memorial is a white structure with pillars that sounds attractive to tourists and main memorial is engraved with marble plate that explains government of India war memorial with soldiers and their caps over them.

Each year on 14th of July war memorial is illuminated in a grand way to celebrate the Bastille Day. Kargil war memorial lightens everyone pride with respect for their nation and those who sacrificed their lives for nation, the patriotism never fails.

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