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The old distillery is called to be the Pondy Art. The exhibition of various arts and photos is organised in a place called old distillery. The place was once a parking area. From the year 2013, art exhibitions are organised and held.

Exhibition of arts and photographs in Old Distillery

Photography exhibitions based on challenges faced in India is supported by Puducherry Government. The creative director of Pondy Art is Kasha Vande. She says that the recent photo exhibition on 2014 festival has become a significant destination in emerging trend of public art spaces.

Exhibitions of Pondy Art give the feel of a real art gallery and it offers the visitors a chance to interact with those photographs.

Earlier photography

In earlier days, photography was meant to people like dressing up and then reaching a studio which too far from the town. Even it was a great thing to have photography of an individual person or any families. You can rewind all the previous eras before mobile photos and the selfies that were learned in histories.

Family photograph of early ages

French institute of Pondicherry has become popular for the collection of recorded elderly family photos on the back of its wall. In the month of April, it is really interesting to have an opportunity to look at all those old photographs. The exhibition is organised by French institute and Pondy Art, Tamil Studio- Heritage of Family photographs from early 80’s in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The stock of information about society, customs and fashion of the early period can be observed in such photographs. It is really amazing to see the rough glances and stately bearings of people in photographs.

Admiring facts in old photographs

Multiple family generations and insights into costume and Tamil social history are shown in the photographs. The family portraits present a visual record of family’s History. One of the interesting things to see in these photos is the wrist watch. In early days, wrist watch was the ultimate symbol of wealth of a family.

The French team has been working to preserve historical legacy as a digital archive in a library for public benefit through many of early black and white photos that have survived over 100 years were declined.

Collections in this exhibition are a part of an ongoing project tracing the history of Tamil Photography and finding a visual eloquence of family photographs in South India. International level photography exhibitions present focusing around a theme of awareness building issues that challenge India today. 

Goubert Avenue,
White Town, Puducherry.

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