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Paradise beach is found in the Cuddalore highway road in Puducherry. The name of the beach indicates the heavenly feel of it. The beach can be reached through boats from Chunnambar boat house.

Rich island in Paradise Beach

The excellent beach is occupied with a rich island. You can feel like travelling to the Andaman Islands. Chunnambar boat house is located in Ariyankuppam. The place is just 7 km from the Puducherry city.

A twenty minutes ride takes you to the calm and clean paradise beach. The island in the beach welcomes you with a cool and fresh air. A little of the island with a blue ocean and sky all around makes the guests cherish with a smile. People enjoy the pleasing nature of the environment in the beach.

Interesting games and swimming in Paradise Beach

The beach is good for swimming with safety and cleanliness. Outdoor games are the most interesting one in the paradise beach. Volleyball is the most preferred game to play nearby the beach. Youngsters love this place for its amusement facilities near the beach. Small cottages are present in the island for shelter.

It resembles huts to rest at peak sunny times. The entire view of the island along with the beach is enthralling to enjoy and have fun. Shops available with cool drinks and snacks help you to take a break after your enjoyment.

Exciting Chunnambar boat house

Special tickets are available for fast and furious boat rides. Pedal boats to enjoy the experience of a boat ride. Motor boats are present to take people in a certain amount to the island near the Paradise Beach.

All rides include tickets separately in the front office of the boat house. As you enter the boat house, Children’s Park is available. The green environment gives a pleasant feel to enjoy nature!

The whole ambience in the boat house is clean and maintained freshly with frequent gardening. Boating area is encircled by dense forests with hints of palm groves. A good weekend spot for almost all locals to adore nature!

Memorable visit to Paradise Beach

The Paradise Island is isolated with Chunnambar Backwaters. It is the reason why people have to travel with backwaters to reach the Paradise Beach. A specific time is set to allow the guests in the island. Motor Boats from the Chunnambar boat house will take back the visitors to the shore safely before the climate darkens.

Your visit to the Paradise Beach makes an exactly memorable trip to Pondicherry. People feel to stay in the island for more time. The beach attracts the people a lot with its loving environment and stunning cool Breeze! 

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