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Promenade Beach is the most prominent beach in the white town of Pondicherry. The long stretched beach front of the Promenade Beach has many tourist places. The beach is 1.2 kilometres long starting from the war memorial to Dupleix park present on the Goubert Avenue.

Speciality of Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach is also called as the Rock Beach. A special attraction in Pondicherry is the Promenade Beach. It meets around thousands of people every week. The weekend spot for almost all Pondicherry residents is the Rock Beach.

The charming Beach in Pondicherry

During morning time, many people arrive at the beach and keep exercising, jogging and cycling all around. The exciting part in the beach is traffic free in the evening time. Vehicles are not allowed and it is exactly free to have a brisk walk. The pathways, the beach front road and the sands near the beach are really maintained well with cleanliness.

The sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi is present at the centre of the beach. The uniqueness of Promenade Beach is the statue of Gandhi. The statue is encircled by tall stone pillars with an elaborate wideness. Gandhi statue in Promenade Beach is also a famous shooting spot. The statue is decorated with beautiful lightings on cultural festivals, National festive days and public events. A memorable spot to click photos when you visit Pondicherry is the Gandhi Statue.

Tourist places in the beachfront

Tourist places on the beach front of Promenade Beach are a recent lighthouse, customs house, Kargil War Memorial and Sculpture of Dupleix. A walk along the Promenade Beach is gorgeous with a nice view of the lightings and hotels around you. Le cafe, the famous restaurant is present very close to the Gandhi Statue.

The famous Dumas church is found near the beach. The Joan of Arc statue faces the Dumas church. Opposite to the Gandhi Statue, there is also Jawaharlal Nehru’s Statue. Bharathi park with the popular Aayi Mandapam is just walkable from the Gandhi statue in the Promenade Beach. Government buildings are also found near the beach with an adorable fountain.

Glorious Promenade Beach

The provision to sit near the beach is good to enjoy the view of the entire Beach. The beach is safe with rocks and you cannot get near the waves of the beach. The cafe restaurant has the seating near the sea. You can have a sip of Tea or Coffee with the cool breeze in the ocean.

The shops that sell handicrafts and scented candles brighten the beach much prettier. The ice cream shops attract children and adults with its glowing lights. The large space located opposite to the Gandhi statue often occupies a celebrating event. It may be a dance show, musical show, handicrafts exhibition or a memorable speech.

The rocky Beach entertains people with its serene and joyous atmosphere. The illuminated environment of the beach fascinates people to have a pleasing walk over the pathway! Do not miss the cool breeze of Promenade Beach! 

Goubert Avenue,
White town, Puducherry.

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