Sacred Heart of Jesus Church


Stunning design of Sacred Heart Church

Sacred heart of Jesus Church is present in the south boulevard of Puducherry. The church is more than 100 years old. Sacred heart church is one of the best churches in India for its Gothic style of architecture and the design of its interior walls are stunning.

The gorgeous structure of the church is designed with coloured glass panels. It is obviously cool inside the church and you can probably visit the church during mid-day in sunny days. The Sacred Heart Church is a photogenic place and It has become a popular place in Puducherry to celebrate the Christmas festival.

Plan and execution of the church

Mahatma Gandhi wished to build a holy place in a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the year 1895. The construction work for the church was begun on 1902. The priest of cathedral church initiated the construction work. The priest from Nellithope was undertaking the responsibility for the plan of the building. The initial mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church was held in 1907. The mass was at the western wing by Gandhiji. Then the church was established in 1908.

Celebration and glass pictures

The hundred-year celebration of the church was held between 2008 and 2009. A remarkable postal stamp is fixed that marks and resembles the celebration. Glass pictures of saints who were greatly devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus are present on the walls of the church. The four lamp posts describe the lives of preachers whose statues are erected within the church. The railway station of Puducherry is found just opposite to the church. The station is always illuminated with charming focus lights.

Significance of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church holds the first place among the churches in Pondicherry and takes the 6th place in Tamil Nadu. In the way of mentioning the presence of Lord Jesus Christ, wordings are written on the wall of Entrance. I have consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there forever’ are the wordings representing the presence of Jesus Christ.

Delight for tourism

Tourists visit the church to admire the interior designs and the overwhelming architecture of the sacred heart church. The environment is really calm, peaceful and gives you all a relaxation with its positive vibe!

The holy place really welcomes everyone with its adoring stained glasses and walls made with Terracotta. Twin spires present at the entrance are huge and exactly admirable for its design and holy appearance!

M.G. Road Area, Near to Old Bus Stand,
Opp. To Railway Station,

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