Bharathi Memorial Museum


About Mahakavi Bharathiyar

A famous national and Tamil poet, Subramaniya Bharathi came to Pondicherry as an essapee from the Britishers in 1908. The calm and peace environment in Puducherry has made the creative poet to compose some of the best songs. He was born in the Tuticorin district. When he died he was living in Chennai.

Bharathi Memorial Museum

In Pondicherry, Bharathiyar lived in Eswaran Dharma raja Kovil Street which is the recreated into a museum. In the memory of Bharathiyar’s Presence in Pondicherry, the home he lived is transformed into a museum. The memorial museum is named as the Bharathi Memorial museum.

The most famous romantic poems of Bharathiyar are composed when he lived in Pondicherry. During his last time of life, Bharathi lived almost 10 years in Pondicherry. The museum is renovated again and now it is a respected and admired place for all local and tourist people.

Collection of Photographs

The museum has three rooms filled with various antique collections. The first room is displayed with full of prominent photographs. People who lived along with Bharathiyar and his family photos are displayed. It is really wonderful to have a look at the ancient photos and know about the past life of people in India.

Bharathi’s articles and talents

The other room is filled with articles written by Mahakavi Bharathiyar. Once he worked as an editor in Journals and publications. The journals of great poet Bharathi are displayed in a large number that covers an entire room. It is exactly admirable to know that the poet was so talented and intellectual in the early centuries.
Paintings of Mahakavi Bharathiyar

Finally, the third room was the biggest with the arrangements of oil paintings. The paintings are about Bharathi, his family. Paintings also involve the writings of Bharathi to notable persons and freedom fighters. The display of paintings and diagrams with oil paintings obviously mesmerises people visiting the museum! Do not miss the Bharathi museum when you reach Pondicherry!

Portrait of the poet is also exhibited in the museum. Bharathiyar’s lectures in Public meetings and the writings of the author in the daily Swadesamitran Tamil Paper are also displayed. The Bharathi memorial museum also functions as a research centre.

Significance of Bharathi Memorial Museum

The Bharathi memorial museum was not open for the public. Then on poet death anniversary, various political and literary organisations and Tamil progressive writers association raised their voice for demanding the memorial museum to be opened to the public. From then, the memorial museum is open to the public. The memorial museum consists of 17,000 books, rare photographs and manuscripts with Bharathiyar’s writing. 

20, Eswaran Dharamaraja Kovil Street,
Heritage town, Puducherry.

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