Varadharaja Perumal Kovil


Varadharaja perumal Kovil Eminence

Varadharaja perumal Temple is a Hindu temple devoted to great Varadharaja. The idol was originated from the globe. The idol is in standing posture which is enormously 5 feet tall whose is pretty such that even without painting he is perfectly carved. Smile of Varadhaja swamy is such delightful attracting the devotees. There are 108 divyadesa temples in India and this temple is an associate of Thiruvandhipuram temple. There is a mirror in this temple where the urchavar (in Tamil), god that goes for rounding during the festival time with decorations. It is remarkable that idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmanan, Hanuman and some other were determined in a place known as Vainthi kuppam in the year 1902. In Vaishnava culture, there are no separations like vadakali (north) and thenkalai (south) people. Most interesting fact in this temple is that vasantha mandapa in this varadhaja temple was built by a Muslim when lot of temples were destroyed during foreign capture. This is only the temple that has survived after the attack from the enemies.

Varadharaja perumal Treasure

In Ancient days this temple was small and covered by Bodhi trees (arasamaram) along with Lord Narashima as an idol. Then devotes made it bigger as far as possible by their efforts and Narasinga perumal is now made in a circular path facing west inside this temple. In 1748, French troops demolished the vedapureswarar temple at that time Muslims were the one who safeguarded the idols and saved them in Varadharaja temple and Kalahatheeswarar temple. In the ancient days, it is believed and said that the temple was in all religions style.

Thanks giving Prayers for varadharaja perumal

The first preference of food offering is given to children and born babies are fed in front of god so that a child grows in his/her life with blessings of the lord. Offering money in Hundi, Tulasi garland and various other donations are the commitments of people to meet their expectations.

Varadharaja Perumal Kovil Festivals

Theerthavari festival is celebrated for 10 days in the month of May to June. Five days pavithra festival in august – September , then adipoorama and moksham festival for 10 days in July to august like this in a year almost all days the temple celebrates festival and makes a lot of poojas for lord Varadharaja.

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