French Quarter


In Pondicherry, there are French quarters in the white town. Buildings that were built during the French rule in Pondicherry are still maintained by the Puducherry Government. French quarters are involved in the heritage tour.

Introduction of French quarters

Tourists can look at the architecture of ancient buildings of French in Pondicherry. French quarters include buildings with white and mustard coloured paintings. They also involve chains of cobbled streets. The design of buildings is in the sense of French style. These are called the French quarters in Puducherry.

French Quarter buildings

The famous building is the French consulate found in the north end of Goubert Avenue. People used to have the sea front view in the promenade beach near French consulate. Then, it is the architectural Governor’s Palace familiar to be known as Raj Nivas. It is found on the south where the Bharathi Park is also found.

French residents and French schools

In Pondicherry, many streets still have its name in French and even some houses have its architectural design in French styles. As in ancient period, a lot of residents in Pondicherry were given a chance to hold their French citizenship even if they retain in India.

French cultural organisations are still running in Pondicherry as the school of French known as ‘Ecole Francais’ in French. It is a branch of French alliance under the guidance of National Education French Minister.

Resorts in French collaboration

Lots of resorts in Pondicherry are the French quarters. Those are Ocean Spray in ECR main road, Anandha Inn near white town, Windflower resort and spa near Ariyankuppam. The famous accord International is the richest resort near ECR Junction, Le royal Park is in the centre of town and the Promenade is found near the Promenade beach.

Buildings and houses in French architecture

Institutional buildings are also of French framework. School of French, French consulate, calve college are some of the buildings that are inbuilt with French architecture. State government buildings and residential houses found near the beach and Bharathi Park is more likely to be architectures with French Designs.

The interior part of French buildings looks great than the outer ones. The classy look of the inclined windows is made of wood and metal attracts tourist to travel around and have a look at the city of Pondicherry. Do not miss to have a visit the French buildings in Pondicherry!

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