Kuthbha Mosque


Kuthbha Mosque of worship is that the first house of Islamic worship in Puducherry. The Kuthbha Mosque was inbuilt and designed in the white city space during the 17th century. The word Kuthbha means preaching.

Prayers and location of Kuthbha Mosque

The mosque undergoes prayers on a daily basis and special preaching is done on Fridays. The word Kuthbha obviously suggests people of the Muslim community to preach daily. The present Kuthbha Mosque is found in the southern side of a canal. The French government ordered the Islamic neighbourhood to transfer the worship house from the white town location.

Famous cultural tourist place

Dargah of Mullah Saiubum is called the Kuthbha house of worship. Tourist places in Pondicherry mainly involve cultural visits. Kuthba Mosque has its own dedicated devotees. India’s secular tradition is denoted by the mosque as it exists since the colonial rule.

Islamic peoples in a southern region of Pondicherry town enormously visit the mosque. Kuthbha Mosque is one of the main prayer destination for Muslims. It also has an essential part of another mosque familiarly known as Mulla Mohamed mosque.

The popular and old mosque in Pondicherry that has a beautiful architecture is the Kuthba mosque. The city of Pondicherry has several mosques though the population is huge with Hindus. All cultures are united and have separate worship place. The preaching in the Kuthbha Mosque is held in Urdu.

Ancient mosque in Pondicherry

Mosque is decorated and illuminated with colourful lights during the festive days. The first mosque to be built in Pondicherry is the kuthbha mosque. A huge number of older generations visit the mosque regularly for prayers and it is exactly the worth of prayers to the god Allah. Tamil speaking Muslims are found in abundance in the city of Pondicherry. Do not miss your cultural visit to the Kuthba Mosque!

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