Panchamukha Anjaneyaswamy Temple


Origin of Panchamukha Anjaneyar temple

Panchamukha Anjaneyaswamy Temple is a five faced Hanuman Temple that is 9 km apart from Pondicherry. The idol is obviously 36 feet high and 15 feet in width, which is one of the tallest Hanuman idols. The land of the temple was denoted by Mr. Santhanam Iyengar. The temple is taken in charge by panchamukha jayamurthi seva trust including loyal devotees Parama Sri Ramani anna. This temple has been constructed in a 1.5 acre land and temple of Sri Panchamukha Anjaneyaswamy is dear called as Panchavatee Kshetram. This anjaneyar temple was put in that place by 11th June 2003. Here Lord Anjaneya is distinctive in Vishwaroopa posture called thirukolam in Tamil. Temple also contains sannidhi for Jayamangala Mahaganapathi and Sri Ramachandraprabhu in Pattabhisheka Thirukolam.

Panchamukha Anjaneyar Temple Path

From Rajiv Gandhi Statue, the temple is towards JIPMER then crossing over JIPMER a toll gate of Pondicherry Government is found. After toll gate there is a junction road in which by the left side there is board mentioned thiruchittrambalam then moving towards the left turn after few kms Panchamukha anjaneyar temple is located on the right side toward Tindivanam road. It is located on Pondicherry National Highway.

Panchamukha Anjaneyar Blessings

Powers of hanuman are merely known and famous in Saturdays where devotees come around evening 6 for their prayers. Here in this temple a practise is done for the prayers like an amulet is tied on the hand of devotes so that their prayers come true within the 6th week of Saturday as it begins on any one of the Saturdays. Panchavatee is a popular temple that attracts people of all ages. This much tallest hanuman temple is not seen anywhere else in the earth. The consecration known as Maha kumbabhishekam for this temple was done on 31st of January in 2007. In this temple alankaram, abishekam and neyvedhiyam are done for all the deities in time. Poojas are also held according to schedule, for lord hanuman everything is done in a systematic manner that sounds really good.

Anjaneyar Temple Design

Glasses around the temple are painted with Ramayana stories that explain the entire important facts from Ramayana. The five faces of Anjaneya are hanuman first then followed by Varaha, Narashima, Garuda and finally iyagrevar known for his wealth in education is seen at the top of Anjaneyar’s face. One of the interesting things in this temple is that a vessel with water is found in front of the sannidhi that has a floating stone that was used by lord Rama’s vaanar sena to build bridge in Srilanka. Prasadham is always provided to the people visiting after darshan that will be yummy and hygienic.

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