Sengazhuneer Amman


Sengazhuneer Amman Temple is revealed in Veerampattinam village that is located in the south sea side of Pondicherry and has a distance of eight kilometres from the city. This temple is family known for its car festival that will inaugurated by the governor of this union territory every year that is followed still now and he will be the first person to hold the rope of gigantic ratham for car festival.

Ambica was the goddess who was worshiped by all fisherman societies in ancient days. But now, most families from Puducherry and Tamilnadu worship this Ambica also famously known as sengazhuneer Amman as their main goddess for entire family. Temple is built such that it has a large area in and around the temple for the devotees and visitors to stay and have their prasadams during festive days.

History of Sengazhuneer Amman temple

Around 450 years ago, a fisherman was living in a village nearby the seashore where he does his job and he was not satisfied with his income as he could not get the income in a great way to run his family. As days were going he thought of getting a big catch for him today and he went in to the shore, but he got a tree trunk so he placed it in his house at the back side and was continuing his life as a poor fisherman.

One day a miracle happened when his wife broke that tree trunk for kitchen use, she saw blood bleeding from that, so it was believed and being believed that a goddess is resembling that tree and a temple was built by that fisherman in that place with the help of people living around in that city and the goddess was named sengazhumneer Amman.

Present features of Sengazhuneer Amman

Devotees offer vasthras that is dress to goddess as their thanksgiving prayer and contribute donations for temple improvement. A beach is found very closer to this temple as it is considered to be a fisherman area and devotees tend to have bath or just a visit to the beach before entering in to the temple as they believe goddess blesses them from the beach where she was earlier found. In Sengazhuneer Amman temple every last week of month aadi in Tamil is considered to be the best day for this goddess and the pageants do folks in the space available around the temple sanadhi.

The idol of ambica that is Sengazhuneer Amman is made of Devadharu wood that was got by a fisherman about 450 years ago.

Timings of Amman Temple

From morning 6.00 am to 11.00 am, then from evening 4.00 to 9 pm. 

Sengazhuneer Amman temple,

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