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About the poet Bharathidasan

Bharathidasan is a famous Tamil author born in Pondicherry in 1891. Bharathidasan is a follower of the great poet Bharathiyar. He has mutually written scripts for Tamil films in the theme of Dravidian society and for ladies empowerments. Bharathidasan museum was built under his remembrance. In fact, he is very familiar till date in the Tamil film Industry for his remarkable poems and songs. In Pondicherry, he lived at Perumal Kovil Street.

Later on, his house was restored into a museum that protects his artefacts together with his momentous literary works. Bharathidsan is a playwright known as Kanakasubburatnam lived from 1891 to 1960.

He calls himself as Bharathidasan to resemble his devotion to Mahakavi Bharathi. Bharathidasan means a disciple of Bharathi. Bharathidasan’s poems are compared with Bharathiyar’s poem both in literary achievements and poetic emotions.

Bharathidasan Museum’s conservation

The memorial museum is well-preserved by the Department of Art and culture. The maintenance remains as a witness to the golden era of Tamil Literature. Bharathidasan is a 20th century Tamil poet.

He is also a rationalist whose literary works were almost handled in socio-political issues. Bharathidasan’s Museum has become the second place of literary pilgrimage. A vast collection of his writings and poems are open to everyone visiting the museum.

Importance of Bharathidasan’s poems

His contribution to Tamil Film songs are very familiar and he became very popular by the honors from the Fim industry. Writings and poems of Bharathidasan are displayed in the museum. A small Statue of Bharathidasan resembles and pays salute to his contribution. There is a definite interest in his work among scholars. Besides his poetry, the views of Bharathidasan were expressed in the ways of plays, film scripts, short stories and essays.

Women to know about Bharathidasan

The birth anniversary of Bharathidasan was celebrated as a tribute to him. Women’s participation was huge as he has spoken about the Women’s rights and education. Women came forward to know about Bharathidasan. He is earliest among the Tamil poets and leaders.

95, Perumal Kovil Street,
Heritage town, Puducherry.

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