Veerampattinam Beach


Veerampattinam beach is one of the stunning beaches in Pondicherry. Thousands of travellers from all around the world visit Veerampattinam village to see the gorgeous beach. The biggest coastal village in Pondicherry is Veerampattinam village. The beach is just 7 km away from the city of Pondicherry.

Fishing in the Veerampattinam Beach

Travelling to the beach is quite easier as there are frequent local buses for every 15 minutes. Veerampattinam is one of the main fishing sites of Pondicherry. The village is enclosed with rivers around.

The beach is stretched along with attractiveness and spotted with the fishing boats and nets till the end. The fishermen here work with ancient fishing crafts and nets that add excitement to the atmosphere.

Celebrations of Veerampattinam temple

Thousands of people gather near the beach during the month of July to August. A grand festival in the Tamil month Aadi is celebrated. Another grand celebration of the temple near the beach is held in February to March. It is called as Maasi magam by the Tamil people.

The big temple of Sengazhuneer Amman temple hosts the festival. The temple is very popular among the Tamil Religious people. It is visited by all during the grand celebrations. The beach is found to be very much engaged during the festive days.

A big car festival is held in the Amman temple once in every year. Group of devotees used to pull a huge and massive wooden chariot with a thick rope. To cherish their blessings from the Goddess, the car festival is celebrated. The glorious festival celebrated by almost lakhs of people from various regions. The whole area of the beach is occupied with people enjoying and having fun in the beach!

Entertaining Veerampattinam Beach

Tourists can take over the sailing to have the wonderful view of the Veerampattinam Beach. The famous historical place Arikamedu is found close to the Veerampatinam village.

The soft sands of the beach tempt the guests to have a sun bath.Tourists can have the chance to look over the fishermen plying their trade and working with traditional fishing methods. The perfect destination for beaches in Pondicherry is the Veerampattinam Beach. 

Koil Street, Veerampattinam,

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