Kamatchi Amman Temple


Location of the temple

The Kamatchi Amman Temple is placed within the Bharathi Street of Pondicherry and is a famous journey spot. The singularity of the temple lies within the accurate sort of the temple structure. The place of worship is often visited by the tourists and also the native people arrive within the temple to supply their prayers to the temple spiritual being frequently. In this temple the worship is devoted to goddess Durga, she is represented for as the idol of war. Interior decorations in occasions like special prayers are done in Kamatchi Amman temple as it common in all temples of South India through the exterior walls are rusted as it was built in historic years. Architecture of this temple is needy of the furniture that is available in other temple in the same region.

History about Kamatchi Amman Temple

This temple endured the horror of time and still exists in its glory in Pondicherry territory but this stands to be the most significant pilgrimage temple in Pondicherry. Due to time, this ancient temple was further in need for its basic glow and shine. Although temple was lacking its ornamentation, devotees never lack and traveller who assemble every year to get their blessings from the goddess, remain and continues in the same large amount. This temple is different from any other temples in south India and though it is divergent from others.

The goddess features

The unsmiling Kamatchi Amman temple is one of the master tourist attractions in the territory of Pondicherry. In the festival days, temple is grouped by many devotees arriving from different parts of the region and moreover from all corners of the country in order to participate and seek favour from durga goddess who is also familiarly known as Kamatchi Amman. Mostly, the devotees worship for this temple in order to have their prayers for child birth, prosperity in life, to get married as there are the beliefs that are consistently maintained with goddess durga. Goddess durga is also dearly called sakthi which means strength. 

Kamatchi Amman Kovil Street,
Puducherry – 605001

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