Meera Mosque


Facts about Meera mosque

Meeran place of worship is one in all the oldest mosques. Meera mosque is one in all the oldest mosques within the geological town dating back to quite 350 years ago. This can be an associate example of neo- gothic Muslim architecture that includes a central rounded structure supported by 4 pillars designed by Arcod Nawab. Within the place, of worship there lays the grave of meeran who is founding the father of this place of worship. The place of worship is hosted to daily prayers and special prayers on Fridays and during festivals found in the middle of nonsecular activities. Since the place of worship is near state WAKF Board, the workplace of Pondicherry has a committee.

Architecture of meera mosque

On the top of the facade minaret, there is kalasa made of Bronze and graves of Suubhi Erraim Perrar mullah along with meeran’s grave. Meera mosque is also locally known as meerapalli is second oldest mosques in whole Pondicherry. Meerhath and member are found very near to this Mosque. Above the meerahath, there is a kalmia slab stretched with clean mantles all over the hall that enhances the beauty of kalasa from the top view. The timings of meeran mosque will be from evening 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. In ancient days, this mosque for used for military, social and political activities besides being the place of devotion. Mosque is a holy place like the great Mecca where all Muslim people aim to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Architecture of meeran mosque is really unique among the others in Pondicherry. Meeran mosque ranks 27th in the sightseeing tourism sin Pondicherry. Regular namaz to their god Allah every five times a day keeps on going in their practices as well.

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