Swamy Sithananda Temple


About the saint

Swamy Sithananda was born and spent his life in a very small village called Vandipalayam close to the historical place of Thirupathiripuliyu. Muthukumarasamy pillai lived in an area named muthialpet in Puducherry came to knowledge about Swamy Sithananda. For a long time, wife of pillai, was suffering from a serious infection, thus pillai requested Swamy Sithananda to go to his house at Puducherry. Swamy Sithananda blessed his spouse, she recovered from her illness.

Introduction of Swamy Sithananda temple

The miracle happened to spouse of pillai brought the hope of every people that swamy sithananda will cure and solve the problems of every one of them happening in their lives. From then forwards he stayed in Puducherry. Someday Swamy Sithananda and pillai were walking on the village Karuvadikuppam. Then Swamy Sithananda showed an area to pillai that was appropriate to be for his Samadhi-People believed that the blessings of Swamy Sithananda would bring peace, prosperity and happiness in their life. He attained Jeevasamadhi on 28th May 1837. People hope and trust that a visit to Swamy Sithananda temple would shower them and prayers that they aspire to achieve in their life will be fulfilled.

Origin of the temple

A famous holy place of Pondicherry is where Guru Sithanandar, a saint who was burried alive (known as Jeeven Samadhi). Lord Shiva Temple has been constructed over his samadhi and is a best place for all peace lovers. On Thursdays special poojas are offered to Guru Dakshinamoorthy idol, the god known for its wealth in education for which devotees from all over Pondicherry take part in large numbers. This is an important holy expenditure for tourists those who are visiting Pondicherry.

Temples in Puducherry consists of some of the oldest rock cuts with century old structures and it famous for the combination of architecture of both French and Tamil. The temple contains the idol of lord shiva, Murugar who is the elder son of shiva, then dhakshanamoorthy known for his wealth, Amman goddess, the shiva’s wife and the vinayagar who is the elder son. This temple is mainly called as the Jeeven samadhi of swamy sithananda though it is a shivan temple. Location of this temple is in exact junction of east coast road where a great Tamil actor Shivaji’s statue has present.

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