Assembly of Pondicherry


Introduction to Puducherry Legislative assembly

In General, Union territory of Puducherry consists of four regions that include Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam and Pondicherry. At the time of French rule, to ease the administration above mentioned regions were classified into 39 assembly constituencies, after becoming UT of India, Puducherry was divided into 30 assembly constituencies that were reconstructed in 2005 by the control of Delimitation Commission of India.

History of Assembly of Pondicherry and commencement

The building of assembly is of circular rooms and colonnaded portico that has round masonry is led by the staircase. The design of this assembly has grand French windows where pillar lies in between. Assembly sessions are held in this place since early 1969. Before the construction of assembly, those sessions were conducted in the municipality.

At the time of construction beginning, it had medical college but it was later shifted to the General Hospital that is located nearby. Actually in between this medical college was shifted to tribunal building nearly in the year 1954 where Mr. Pernon had his residence once earlier before this.

Organisation of Puducherry Assembly

Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry represents the assembly. Direct involvement of central Government for the financial well-being of Union territory is done as Puducherry had enjoyed lower taxes especially under indirect category and government involves against the states where financial administration gave budgeted grant to be the responsibility of state governments.

Governance and administration of Puducherry lay directly with federal authority as this a union territory. 

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