Church of the Capuchins


Location of the church

Church of the capuchins is found on the Dumas Street which is the oldest church in Pondicherry. Being one in all the primary churches in Pondy, it holds the distinction and it is still preserved and maintained as houses of orphanage though it has lost its old charisma.

Ancient story about church of the capuchins

The church was earlier built in the year of 1761 and only church that survived after the destruction of town being a sheer shadow of its past glory.  The old church that was surviving was destroyed at the time of third Carnatic War. Capuchins church is one of the best tourist attractions in Pondicherry as where meditation and self-contemplation is very much perfect in place of the church of the capuchins.

An immediate drop out from the French missionaries is Pondicherry. Despite the destruction due to times, serenity and attractiveness of the church of capuchins still remains and preserved. Church of capuchins is referred to be phoenix from the ravages happened in 1761. French colonialism is exactly seen in this church that displays artistry.

Tourism part of the church

Tourists and pilgrims visit this church for meditation and have their blessings for their prayers and visit the orphanage that is being run by the church authorities. The dome in church of capuchins is a fascinating part of this church. Pondicherry is well known for its designing part of creation for churches in French architecture that are engrossing.

Church Of Capuchins
Dumas Street, Pondicherry

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