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Design of early building

French Consulate is one of the Heritages building in Pondicherry. The architecture is painted with a combination of white and yellow colour and designed in a combination of French and Indian style located on Marine Street near the sea. Consulate General of France, Puducherry is pleased to introduce a new facility to meet the ever-increasing demand for French Visa among Indians. This building is found very close to the promenade beach in the centre of the white town.

The administration has said that it is our constant effort to provide greater comfort and convenience to our visa candidates. Consulate has been once the government of France with a fall of a directory in the shot of Brumaire by the year 1799 till the initiation of Napoleon Empire were to start in 1804. Under the extension, the word consulate refers to the period of French history.

History of French Consulate

At the time of this ancient period, Napoleon Bonaparte found himself as first consul with more conservative, autocratic, authoritarian republic government while he doesn’t declare that he is the head of state. As everlasting institutions were found during this time, Robert B. Holtman was considered and called the consulate.

During the time of Brumaire, napoleon stopped the French military power and parliamentary and forced the directors of the government to resign. By integrating powers, Napoleon Bonaparte transformed the aristocratic framework of Sieyes into a secret domination.

Under the control of Napoleon, France enjoyed an extraordinary level of peace as well as order. This helped to raise the comfort among people in France. In Paris, poor people with hunger and thirst which was because of lack of fire and light became rich step by step after the napoleon started ruling. Many people were living their luxurious life where the trade prospered with high ranking. By strengthening the machinery of state, napoleon initiated elite order of legion of honour.

Current position of Consulate

A majority of people in the French population were uncritical under Bonaparte’s authority. So the death of napoleon was not at all tolerated by those thanksgiving people in France.

Visa Process in French Consulate Pondicherry

Now the French consulate building in Pondicherry is used as visa offering and processing of visa to people travelling to France for their careers, tourism and many other situations. Procedures, rules and documents are collected and submitted in the French consulate in Pondicherry.

Opening Time of French consulate will be from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

2, Marine Street, White Town,

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