French War Monument | Pondicherry


Remembrance of French war in Pondicherry

French war monument is built in the remembrance of First World War on Goubert Avenue to remind the sacrifice of those brave soldiers who laid their lives for their country. This memorial was built by the year 1971. Bastille Day for this memorial is same as that of Kargil war memorial on the same day of 14th of July every year during which the memorial is gorgeously illuminated and homage is paid to those brave troopers.

Construction of French war monument

The French war memorial was exclusively built by the French at the last time when they left Pondicherry. Tourists and visitors can have a look over the memorial while through the beach sea shore as it located very near to the promenade beach. People from the various city come for tourism and visit this memorial to submit their respect and reverence. French war memorial has got an amazing picturesque design with 4 white columns and two facets on the either side where a lone life-size structure of a soldier leaning on a rifle can be seen. A black marble plate on the monument describes with more patriotic words about soldiers who dead during the first world war in the time of 1914-1918. Memorial is found on the beach side as it sounds good for the memorial place.

The union territory of Puducherry is associated with strong French connections as indicated by several memorable erections such as French war memorial in its white city.  This memorial stands tall as the majestic architectural wonders of Pondicherry.

Ceremony honour in the beach

The ceremony and glorious celebration of memorable moments are linked with sentiments and patriotic fervour arises in tourists. Pondicherry had neoterically become one of the most favoured tourist destinations. A fitting tribute to the valiant warriors is another point of union territory’s heritage that plays a major role in patriotism is this French war memorial and Kargil war memorial.

French memorial takes a little time to stroll through as it is occupied in a small area but an intimate place to be visited. Even students from various schools are made to visit this memorial so as to make them aware of Historical events. 

Mahe de Labourdonnais St,
White Town, Puducherry,

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