Governor’s Palace | Raj Niwas Palace | Pondicherry


Gorgeous architecture of palace

Raj Niwas is the official residence of the assistant governor of Puducherry and merge of architecture with Indian and French style. Governor’s Palace is constructed such that it is a huge white building. When anyone enters into this palace will just give a glance of obsession that covers the prettiest garden.

Glorious Governor’s palace

Dupleix has stayed here when he was the governor-general of Puducherry during the sovereign of French. People are allowed to take a glance and have photos captured in front of the gate but no one in the public will be given permission to enter the building. Governor’s palace also familiarly called as Raj Niwas is a building of 17th century. . Raj Niwas is Hindi which is meant as Government adobe in English.

Open for public

Governor’s palace is wide open to visit for the tourists and local peoples only by 26th of January when the republic day is celebrated all over India. At a time of republic day, the entire raj niwas is decorated with precious lights and illuminated in such a way that it is glorious and transparent to all people visiting it.

This Palace is an extraordinary place to capture the memories about Pondicherry and picturesque as always being one of the leading tourist places in South India. Bharathi park of Pondicherry is very near to governor’s palace where one can rest in the mean time visiting all places in Pondicherry.

Grand Decoration on Republic day

A big fountain is placed at the centre of the entrance that gives an exotic look while passing through the palace. A monolithic pillar is placed as the entrance that was specially brought from the Gingee fort. Garden is very well maintained and trimmed regularly and that ambience can be admired while visiting the palace. The eminent structure of this raj niwas building can be seen from the front gate as it not viewed from anywhere else around the building. 

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