Joan of Arc | Pondicherry


Heroic damsel statue

There are a lot of French Influence in Pondicherry and a marble statue of a heroic French damsel called Joan of arc is one among it that is in a place that is absolutely serene. Joan of arc statue has lady of angels’ church at its front and fame promenade beach at the back.

Importance of Joan of arc statue

Joan of Arc is a catholic saint who is the national heroine of France and a serf girl born in the eastern part of France and she is the girl who led the French army to various significant victories during hundred years’ war. Divine guidance was claimed by her and crowing for Charles VII was made indirectly by Joan of arc who was responsible for it.

A flourishing garden is made and maintained around the maiden’s marble statue that gives a pleasant look and makes us feel that its place of memorable person who deserves it. The lady statue stands secluded in front of the church that is regionally called to be pink church.

Pleasant view of beach and church

Even statues of Indian and European great personalities are abundantly found in Pondicherry, French people always get admired to Joan of arc as she is the national heroine who was responsible for certain facts during war that happened hundred years ago.

The statue is covered with fencing where the garden is found around sea facing square was donated by French politician and industrialist François gaudart in February 1920 to parish of the lady of angels’ church. Garden around the Joan of arc statue is planned to have clumps of trees, fountains and plants in it as the project is approved it is expected to be planted soon. The statue has become a popular tourist place in Pondicherry and also included in heritage walk and cycling tour. 

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