La Mairie (Municipality) | Pondicherry


Strongest ancient building

One of the largest administrative buildings for quite one hundred years is la Mairie Building in Pondicherry that was earlier called the Town Hall or Hotel de Ville in French. French established possessions in India by 17th century itself but it doesn’t stand still 19th century. So, the French began civil administration in French India. A grade in terms of historical, field and cultural significance was achieved. The building was a crucial political landmark for Puducherry in 1880 and it housed the municipal council and native assembly.

French influence in la Mairie

A French metropolitan order on 12 March in the year 1880 then it adopted a six-year term of office for municipal councillors, mayors and communes and thus finally French people and French administration in India has taken and ruled a French system of municipal administration.

Municipaliy as Mairie

Municipal administration was the one that had various features to serve as a role model for hassle free government in India. Pondicherry city centre was a symbol for French power conduct that was started in 1870 specifically for the mayors and that being a huge management building located on the beach side in Goubert Avenue. It was a pretty and charming white building that faces the sea and looks like giving a view of France. Today it holds the office of Puducherry Municipality but still names in French as Mairie.

Implement of new law

By the year 1973, French laws became outdated, so the new law was set according to the requirements and changed accordingly to current situation on that time was a necessary part. The incoming charges of the municipality were increased but municipality remained same without change. Finally the municipality administration stood eroded and hence it was replaced and had a new development by Pondicherry. 

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