Lady of Angels Church | Pondicherry


Familiarity of the church

Our lady of Angel’s church was built in the early 1865 and popularly known as Notre dame des anges in French. French missionaries planned and built this church based on the design of basilica of Lourdes. Church of Our Lady of angels is very popular for its stone work and in order to develop a white marble texture whites of eggs were mixed with fines lime stones.

Architecture of lady of angels church

Elevation of the church consists of two columns where the architecture is of classical type with tops as ironic and bottoms with Doric. An eminent and precious feature in this temple was presented by napoleon which is the oil painting and one more fantastic view in this church will be the eight circular openings in the interior central dome.

Our lady of Angels has one of the most precious scenic among the churches in Pondicherry. The church property is wholly framed by trees and flowers. In front of this church, a Joan of arc statue and Bay of Bengal is seen. A Mary’s statue is also found with infant Jesus in her arms. Our Lady of Angels’ church is found in Dumas Street. The imposing of classical architecture is only in southern France.

Beautiful Location of the church

Lady of Angels church is the only church that is found near the beach of Pondicherry that has lot of pilgrims and devotees often and has a grand mass held every Sunday in English and French. Around the Joan of arc statue a garden is been laid out and inaugurated at the rear of church. Stained glasses work has been done on the roof of church that gives a gorgeous look.

History of this church is written on the left side of the church wall. The church will be very peaceful and calm such that one can meditate and pray with a mind of silence and spend a couple of hours there to enjoy the serene along with beach view. 

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