Sri Kokilambal Thirukameswara Temple | Villianur Thirukameswar Temple


Introduction of the Temple

Sri Kokilambal Thirukameswara temple is one of the biggest and famous temples in Pondicherry that is found in a small town called Villianur which is nearly 11 km apart from Pondicherry. This temple was designed during the period of Cholas around the twelfth century. Leading idol for this temple is Lord Shiva in the form of Shivalinga.

History of sri Kokilambal Thirukameswara Temple

When the kokilambal Thirukameswara temple was earlier built, the name of the city was vilwanallur as the fame of the temple was having a lot of Vilwa trees around that is meant for god Shiva. But later on, as days passed it became as Villianur. Sri Kokilambal Thirukameswarar temple is broached in hymns of Tamil scripture cited as Thevaram. The idol Shiva in this temple is basically of Mud but covered with metal brass in order to undergo abishegam.  Here the god Shiva is a self-manifested lord. The sun rays fall on the deity Shiva during the month of March and April.

Other important idols

A special feature of this temple is Prasava Nandhi that is found before big Nandhi that will be usually seen in front of the god Shiva and more grace in this temple is that Kala Bhairavar is being without his vahanam that is his dog vehicle. A gorgeous and grand car festival will be held in Thirukameswara temple that is linked to French heritage in earlier times. During this festival, a tall chariot of 15-meter height will be pulled by the devotees and visitors throughout the town.

Festivals celebrated in the grand temple

The other grand festivals celebrated in this temple are brahmotsavam that will be celebrated for around ten days from full moon day in the month of May to June, Chitra poornima, aani thirumanjanam, Aipasi skanda sashti, Annabishekam, Karthikai laksha dheebam during which the whole temple is lighted with around lakhs of Dheebam (candles). The city is named based on the temple significance.

Idol’s specific role for wealth

The family of lord Shiva are all involved in this temple as deities in Thirukameswarar temple are Murugan and vinayagar the son of Shiva, parvathi as kokilambal the wife of lord Shiva, dakshinamoorthy is god for a wealth of education, Durga and navagrahas. Even a pretty Sai Baba temple is present near this temple just at a distance of 1 Km. 

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