Circle de Pondicherry


Innovation of the circle

Circle de Pondicherry was established during the French period in 1899 for senior French VIP’s. Members of the Circle can avail its facilities that include tennis and badminton courts, but that was rarely used by them.

Divisions in Circle de Pondicherry

As per details furnished by the Executive mastermind, Public Information Officer, Buildings and Roads Division, Public Works Department, land and building was granted to Circle de Pondicherry by the French government in year 1938. Memberships are open to Indians as well today but during olden days Indian were prohibited from entering this club as it was opened for only Europeans. Initially, this building was founded as an avenue for the recreation in the city.

Ancient look of the building

The prettiest and historic building present around the Bharathi Park is the circle of Pondicherry. Circle de Pondicherry still remains with large number of French members than Indians though Indian is given membership today. Circle de Pondicherry is found in victor Simonelis Street in Pondicherry which is at the centre of the white city. Promenade beach in Pondicherry is found very near to circle de Pondicherry to enjoy in a couple of hours every day.

Circle de Pondicherry is mainly included in heritage walk where tourist and visitors can admire the architecture of French in the building as this city is well known for its blend of Indian and European designed buildings. It will be an exciting opportunity to have a look over the design of French’s club in India.

In Pondicherry, various kinds of hotels are available very near to this circle of Pondicherry. Restaurants that are variable in their budgets and infrastructure are also seen here for different kinds of People with varied interests. 

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