Serenity or Bodhi beach


Location of Bodhi beach

Serenity beach is also called to be Bodhi beach as this beach has calm strolls and sea gazing in a serene way.

Serenity beach – calm / pleasant

Bodhi beach is a small extension of land on the north side Pondicherry along the Bay of Bengal coastal line. Serenity beach is the best one to go in the evening to sit back on the seashore and enjoy a bath to play in the sea water. Bodhi beach is as safe zone among the beaches sin Pondicherry to have a swim and sea outing for a peaceful sail on the water around.

The sands of this beach have lots and lots of aquatic and seawater creatures such as sea urchins, crabs and oysters. If anyone wants to know and have interest to learn surfing, then serenity beach is the exact place to choose. To learn surfing one can go with the local people into the sea in the early morning to a surfboard and have excited surfing experience to learn and adore the ambience.

To admire Sea organisms

Fresh sea water organism can be bought from this beach, after the process of fishing they bring it to the shore and transfer it to market within these people are allowed to buy those fresh catches to cook and that too rates will be reasonable than in the market.

This beach is excitingly picturesque and absolutely apt for its name serenity. The sound of waves while slow and fast makes each and everyone feels the peace in one’s mind in a way this beach is very pretty to spend during summer. Serenity beach is secluded from the city so it seems to be calm and free from those noises of up roaring vehicles. Lots of restaurants and resorts are present in around the beach to enjoy holidays in a luxurious and enthusiastic way.

Stunning view around the beach

There is a lane of rocks arranged with a spacing that seems to give an exotic look. People and children mostly enjoy by climbing on it to view the serenity beach and have an entire look of Indian Ocean. Ambience purely makes us be peaceful and have a click of lots of picks and enjoy while playing on the beach with the waved and tides. Rooms available near this bodhi beach are really precious and classic with cute arrangements entirely made of bamboos that give an embarrassing look of a wood house.

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