Walk Along The Promenade Beach


Prominence of the beach

Beaches are well known in Pondicherry among them Promenade is the dominant beach that is very popular among tourists as well as local peoples. Rocky beach is another cute name of this beach that is located in the centre of white town the Pondicherry. Promenade beach is well designed and has created some ambience that looks excited about the visitors as it became a famous tourist place in Pondicherry.

Awesome atmosphere – walk along the Promenade beach

Rocky beach is actually a long stretch with a provision to sit around and a wide pavement is made for a walk in the time of Morning and evening. This rocky beach almost welcome its fans during the sunset and that is the time the crowd starts enhancing to see the pleasant view of this beach.

Walking along the beach, there stands the famous statue of Great Mahatma Gandhi who is dearly called the Father of India wherein opposite to that a sea-facing restaurant is placed.

Important tourist spots

Around the statue lot of vendors keep rounding to sell some snacks and tea. A sip of tea of coffee will be better to have to sit in front of the sea. Silence lying from roaring waves is really an intriguing moment to anyone visiting there.

The entire promenade beach walk covers almost all significant landmarks in Pondicherry likely the war memorials, Gandhi statue, le cafe restaurant that amazing to have a walk along the promenade beach while visiting Pondicherry during a fine evening.

Entire design of the beach

Rocky beach is newly designed with artificial trees on the way to the pavement and cute little shelters are made in order to relax while walking on the beach from the evening sun if preferred.

Most people in Pondicherry have their leisure walk in the evening along the pavement and also in the beach sand. One visiting the promenade beach can see many people walking, doing exercise, cycling and the safest part of this beach is vehicles even two-wheelers are not allowed during weekend in the pavement of beach so as to make people have their comfort walk along the promenade beach.

Promenade beach has become much popular as a shooting place for Tamil Cinemas. Photography will be the main thing visitors and people do when they come to this beach as it is such a lovely place to have a snap with it while visiting. 

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