La Villa


La Villa is the most luxurious hotel in the white town of Pondicherry. The excellent outdoor pool is very comfy and great with its design and cleanliness. The wonderful garden and terrace are good to enjoy the atmosphere with fresh air. Sri Aurobindo ashram is found close to the hotel and free Wi-Fi access is available. The rooms are stylish with air conditioning facilities. Flat screen TV with cable provision, minibar and a special lobby area are available at La Villa. DVD player, electric kettle and hairdryers are the extra amenities provided for your convenience.

Real luxury at La Villa

Laundry service is also available. The 24-hour front desk and library can be found at La Villa Hotel of Pondicherry. Rented cars for touring the interesting places in the city and money exchange are arranged for you by the hotel office. The location of the hotel is in the centre of the city which is convenient to roam around all the main tourist attractions! The rooms and suites really give a feel of stay in your own bungalow with superb design gardens and classy pool and minibar. The precious wood works, fabrics used for decoration and the fine cutlery still enhances the beauty of the environment.

Greatly designed rooms

The lightings arrangement during special evenings and gorgeous nights can be felt all the time in la villa. The illumination settings will really make your mind be in a party mood always! The excellent rooms with clean bed and classy wood furniture obviously make you feel stay for a long time in la villa of Pondicherry. Dressing rooms and bathrooms are filled with luxury in all means like the design and properties accessible to use! Local people love to spend time in la villa during weekends to experience the richness the hotel. The balcony view from the rooms is wonderful with street views. Serene Atmosphere of the French quarter in Pondicherry is admirable with its elegant beauty of nature!

A colonial architecture hotel with high-class design and facilities that has an extraordinary restaurant providing all styles of dishes you prefer. The hotel is situated in the Surcouf Street of the French quarter in the city. The entrance of the hotel is simple with arched gate. You cannot definitely guess such a vast area of space and richness when you see the entrance. The staffs are friendly to help you out in better service. The restaurant in the hotel is named la carte. It is a perfect courtyard setting which has classy arrangements of furniture.

Candle light dinner at La Villa

You can also priority book for a package stay to adore the specialties. Honeymoon trips can be absolutely great spending in la villa for the candle light dinner that perfectly matches your dreams! A grilled chicken combined with cardamom combination would be great in Pondicherry restaurants. Indian style of foods is exceptionally great to taste. The fabulous design of showers, beds and furniture attract every people to love the stay in La Villa. The transparent French windows play a vital role in the classy look of the suites and rooms with extraordinary private swimming pool at outdoor.

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11 rue, Surcouf Street,
Puducherry, 605001.

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