Le Dupleix


An elegant hotel in the white town of Pondicherry filled with luxury is Le Dupleix. The hotel is actually an ancient villa set on the colonial architecture and modified as a luxury resort with several furniture decorations. The restaurant is classy under the stars directed to the sky. Le Dupleix restaurant is a world class one with courtyard settings. The elegant restaurant with modernised chairs and cushions tempts you to eat for having a sit on those pretty cushions. Once the building was the house of the mayor of Pondicherry. It stands majestic with various rooms and perfect woody doors and windows.

Beautiful Le Dupleix Resort

Pondicherry famous beach is just located a little far from the resort. Leafy Park, the Bharathi Park is also nearby the hotel to have a leisure walk in the evening. Paintings and photographs of colonial period are displayed for the decor of the hotel. The ancient building is beautifully renovated into a modern luxurious hotel in the heart of the city. The walls are perfectly smooth and soft in its texture as it is coated with white egg and finishing done by the polishing in hand. The wood works of the gate in the architecture was taken from the Dupleix place. Dupleix was the dominating governor general in French India.

Amenities in the resort

He had prominence among the other governors in South India. The hotel provides an ancient feel as well as the place is modernised with further metal and glasses to attract customers. The comfortable rooms are equipped with imported bath tubs and excellent service provided with kind and caring staffs. Minibars are available and internet connections are provided for greater comfort. Le Dupleix is a unique and extraordinary designer hotel in Pondicherry. There are 2 restaurants within. A nice breakfast is provided with special Indian style foods. The resort is a 5-star heritage hotel filled with ultimate luxury. The sit-out is entirely relaxing in a good airy atmosphere! The decor was very welcoming with good choices of rooms and suites. Food is great with Indian style of dishes!

Excellent restaurant in Le Dupleix

People have really done a good job in transferring an ancient home into a well modernised luxurious boutique hotel. The homemade taste in almost all Indian dishes and special recipes are great to taste and try new foods at the Dupleix hotel restaurant. Raj Niwas the popular destination in Pondicherry is found close to the hotel. You can click on your photographs of the governor’s palace with a cute fountain in the front. The European and Indian cuisines serve you at its best with 24 hour room service. A great resort to easily explore all the history and ancient buildings in the white town of Pondicherry is Le Dupleix.

Do not miss your visit to the favourite and flourished Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Airport shuttle is available for your ease and convenience to reach the staying place. The air-conditioning with cable TV facility is good to get entertained in the night. The lounge onsite bar is great to have your favourite cocktails that have many varieties from various regions tastes and flavours of wine!

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5, Caserne Street,
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