Our advertising policy is simple

Just tell us where and how you would like to advertise on Hotel Pondicherry and we will design a solution to meet both your needs and budget.

The price of advertising on our site will mainly be determined by the prominence and or popularity of your site, product or service.

One thing you can be assured of, we will not charge you an arm and a leg for this advertising.

We can offer you either a CPM – Cost Per 1,000 Banner Impressions solution or alternately, you may rent an advertising space with us by the month, with a minimum rental of 3 months. Discounts will be applied to all advertising booked for 6 months or more. You should be aware that CPM based solutions can be expensive. For example, if you purchase 50,000 banner impressions this could be exhausted within 1 week. Huge cost savings can be made by renting a monthly advertising space and you could save more than 150% compared to a CPM solution. The minimum booking for a CPM solution is 50,000 impressions for small/medium sites and 200,000 for large/corporate sites. Prices start from a low €3.00 per thousand for small customers and €8.00 per thousand for large/corporate customers.

Text ads, graphic ads, banners, boxes, skyscrapers, rectangles and full page advertising are all options available to you at Hotel Pondicherry. However you should be aware that Hotel Pondicherry does not sell paid advertising with the view to increasing Page Rank on Google. Ads appearing on Hotel Pondicherry must sell products or services relevant to Pondicherry related subjects. Hotel Pondicherry also adheres to Google Policy for text ad advertisers by using the rel=”nofollow” tag where and when required.

As a service to our customers, we will design advertising banner, button or skyscraper for a small extra charge in the event these are not supplied. This will be designed to be an effective advertising banner.

We welcome all advertising inquiries and undertake to ensure you get what you want at a reasonable price. Once you have settled on your advertising solution, you will be billed via our PayPal secure invoicing system or by Neft/Bank Transfer. All advertising must be paid in advance and we do NOT accept checks. If you have any inquiries, simply contact us using this form.