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Villa Shanthi

An exact classy resort to enjoy the luxury to this core is in Villa Shanti located in the center of the Pondicherry city. The modern style with well-decorated environment invites you cordially to have a nice stay!The ever stylish resort with colonial architecture with contemporary interferings. The view of the vertical garden with deluxe rooms, […]

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Dune eco-village resort and spa

Dune eco-village resort and spa is a real paradise beach hotel in Pondicherry. The unique are designed in traditional as well as modern architecture to attract various customers based on their taste. A perfect holiday destination to enjoy in a serene place which is outside of the busy town! A peaceful resort to have time […]

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Le Dupleix

An elegant hotel in the white town of Pondicherry filled with luxury is Le Dupleix. The hotel is actually an ancient villa set on the colonial architecture and modified as a luxury resort with several furniture decorations. The restaurant is classy under the stars directed to the sky. Le Dupleix restaurant is a world class […]

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Club Mahindra Resort

Club Mahindra is one of the vast and luxury resort in Pondicherry. The charming resort in loving Pondicherry is the club Mahindra that has a lot of facilities. The mix of Tamil and French culture attracts people from various places of the world. The club Mahindra resort is located outside the Pondicherry town. You can […]

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Maison Perumal

Maison Perumal is the famous hotel located in Pondicherry from the early times. The hotel is found near the railway station and serenity beach is nearby to reach and visit often. The design of the hotel has a good view which is an ancient model home of Indians. The classy arrangements of furniture inside the […]

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La Villa

La Villa is the most luxurious hotel in the white town of Pondicherry. The excellent outdoor pool is very comfy and great with its design and cleanliness. The wonderful garden and terrace are good to enjoy the atmosphere with fresh air. Sri Aurobindo ashram is found close to the hotel and free Wi-Fi access is […]

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Palais de Mahe

Palais de Mahe is one of the leading resort in Pondicherry. It is well known among the french tourist than regional people.The hotel has outdoor swimming pool provided along the excellent massage parlour to pamper you out of restlessness from your voyage!The most popular Aurobindo ashram is walkable from the hotel and Auroville is easily […]

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Serenity or Bodhi beach

Location of Bodhi beach Serenity beach is also called to be Bodhi beach as this beach has calm strolls and sea gazing in a serene way. Serenity beach – calm / pleasant Bodhi beach is a small extension of land on the north side Pondicherry along the Bay of Bengal coastal line. Serenity beach is […]

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Pondy cycle tour | Pondicherry White Town Visit

A cycle round in Pondicherry It is everything about a cycling tour in and around the city to promote viable tourism and way of transport, more courteous of the environment but also of people and their lifestyle while discovering many of the faces in this unique city of India, especially thanks to its multiculturalism. Presentation of Pondy […]

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Walk Along The Promenade Beach

Prominence of the beach Beaches are well known in Pondicherry among them Promenade is the dominant beach that is very popular among tourists as well as local peoples. Rocky beach is another cute name of this beach that is located in the centre of white town the Pondicherry. Promenade beach is well designed and has […]

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