Pondicherry Museum


Pondicherry Museum is found on the St. Louis Street, near the Governor’s Palace in Pondicherry. The museum is very near to the Government buildings in the white town. The best museum is the Pondicherry Museum in Pondicherry. It has lots and lots of antique collections of weapons, sculptures, ornaments and many other important things.

Rare collections in Pondicherry Museum

Pondicherry Museum is a multipurpose museum that consists of a group of Bronze and stone sculptures. The rare collections of Pallavas and Cholas dynasties and their sculptures can be seen. The images of Buddha are also displayed in the museum of Pondicherry.

Arikamedu was an ancient port that listed with the Roman Empire. Two hundred year recent beads of glass and precious stones, Greek and Roman jars that were excavated at the Arikamedu are displayed in the museum.

Antique weapons and articles of Pondicherry

The museum homes antique temple illuminated lamps, handicrafts, coins and church relics. French article of furniture and objects from the worship in China, among different rare objects, are present here. The great Vijayanagara temples and Nayaka periods, arms and weapons are present in the museum.

Guns, swords, spears, lances and cannons are seen in the museum. Old journals and books published in Pondicherry with a printing press dated 1820 is preserved and displayed in the museum. All the collections are arranged and displayed for the public and tourists in the Pondicherry museum.

Pondicherry Museum’s Glory

The Pondicherry museum housing has some of the superb collections of sculptures located in the Bharathi Park. The museum has an excellent gallery with sculptures and still remains with the archaeological findings from Arikamedu Roman settlement.

You can go through the history and legendary of French colonial details in the section of the museum. People who are interested in knowing the details of History prefers to go to the Pondicherry Museum. Obviously Pondicherry Museum is familiar among the foreigners researching the History of India.

Pondicherry museum is well known for its multipurpose availability. It has separate sections for weapons, ancient sculptures, paintings, articles and publications. It also has a section for fossils and shells. The gallery of each section is admired by the tourists for its unique collections.

Paintings section in the museum includes Tanjore glass paintings and colonial prints. Contemporary oils, pastels and watercolour paintings are the highlighted paintings in the Pondicherry Museum.

Timings of Museum

The timings of the museum are from morning 9.00 am to evening 5.00 pm. The museum is closed on Mondays and national holidays. Plan your visit to Pondicherry Museum while visiting the white town in India. Don’t miss it! 

No. 2, St Louis Street,
Near Raj Nivas,
White Town, Puducherry.

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