Munnar, Kerala, India


Munnar is a stunning hill station found in Kerala of Tamil Nadu. A charming hill station which is fully occupied with numerous tea plantations is Munnar. A dreamy place with outstanding climate to adore your visit would be Munnar. Great place to admire wildlife sanctuaries and museums. Munnar is an exact place to have a lovely honeymoon. The place is located in Idukki district of Kerala. Evergreen scenery views which are loved by people of all ages. Many foreign varieties of plants and animals can be admired while climbing or getting down from the hill. You would be amazed at all those tall and abundant trees around you while travelling to Munnar hills. The Munnar hills are the highest peak in South India. The hills of Munnar are famously known as Anamudi hills. Picture-perfect city of Munnar is also well known for Tamil film shootings often. Flower named Neelakurunji that blossoms once in every year has a great fame in the city. Trekking is loved by all visitors to Munnar with its great climate. Many tourist spots within the city are fascinating to spend your time. One of them is the tea museum, a factory where an abundant variety of tea is made and sent for exports. The area is a huge tea estate covered with machinery, shops and growth plantations. Powerhouse falls is amazing with a 2000m steep rock. Rich green tea plants decorate the pathway to the falls. Nearby, there is a dam named Anayirangal covered by evergreen forests of Munnar. Eravikulam national park is a great place to visit while in Munnar. It has lots of species with rare animals, butterflies and lovely plants. Dark chocolates, white, flavoured chocolates are produced in huge chocolate factories in Munnar. Yummy to have it fresh directly from the real production. Spices starting from ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper clove to coffee all are available from plantations in the entire city of Munnar. Moutain club resort in Munnar has private cottages for visitors with rich facilities. The fog resort would be one of the best of all resorts in its luxury and comfort. Spice tree Munnar resort is another ultimate luxury resort with awesome swimming pool. Wind Munnar resort has the best design over the hills with luxury bungalows privately for your enjoyment! A honeymoon trip with the stay at these resorts in Munnar can be extraordinary! Grand plaza is a great hotel to have your stay with perfect food. Forest glade is a perfect hotel with bungalows privately that serves you good food at your convenience. Hotel las palmas is a great mountain view hotel with massive viewpoints. Chandys Windy Woods is a new hotel with excellent spa facilities. The price is affordable with great hospitality. A calm atmosphere with excellent views from your private bungalow balconies. You can adore a romantic stay in this hotel. A candle light dinner with your life partner in any one of the luxurious resort could be wonderful to spend your special honeymoon trip. Attukal waterfalls are good to have your fresh bath with safety in Munnar and enjoy the nature. A specific place is available for photo point in Munnar for an excellent click of tea plantations. In Munnar, you will have a new experience of travelling in a jeep of tourism people. For certain tourist places, you are not allowed to take your own vehicle as it is not safe with the private visit. Forest officers will guide you tot he place and you would have a new experience of travelling between the tea plantations of Munnar!

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