Coorg, Karnataka, India


Coorg also known as the Kodagu district is one of the famous honey spots in Karnataka. Coorg district is the only place where 11 months in a year are full of winter and only one month summer season exists. Rich sandalwood and teakwood forests are abundant in Coorg with a great market. Familiarly known as Kashmir of South India. There are many luxurious resorts located near the tourist spots. Cottages and rich bungalows make you mesmerised to enjoy the climate of Coorg. A famous place in Coorg for nature lovers is the Vala Noor. It is abundant with lovely nature and fishing. Sunset point in Coorg is awesome among other tourist spots in Coorg. It is named as Seat of the king from where precious sunsets can be viewed all along with nature! A popular shiva temple in Coorg is located in a place called Madikeri. The architecture of the temple indicates both gothic and Islamic styles. In Madikeri, there is a fort in Coorg, which represents a historical landmark. The other famous sightseeing place in Coorg is the Gaddige raja’s tomb. Hill stations like Coorg will obviously have their stunning waterfalls. Iruppu waterfalls get the water of river Kaveri. It is nearly 170 feet high! Chiklihole dam is a small dam located in Coorg district. Coorg is one of the most famous tourist places in Karnataka, often visited by numerous people, especially for its romantic climate. If you want to plan for a good stay in Coorg, you can go for misty woods resort. The classy design of entire resort and great hospitality can help you enjoy the stay in Coorg. A big shot in Coorg can be the heritage resort where you will have your room on the entire grass probably like on hills. You can absolutely love the ambience and classy rooms. Tamara resort, Coorg is the most classy one to enjoy rich stay fo you tip. They guide you for your tourist spots, trekking and other trips within Coorg. Vivanta hotels and resorts have cottages in-between the hills. The living rainforest can be lively admired by you by night stay with extremely luxurious facilities. Wildlife visit in Coorg is more common. You can visit the refuge separately to know about animals living in the forest of Coorg. Generally, you can spot some of elephants and deer while traveling from top to bottom of the hill and vice versa. The mist surrounded around you all the time cools you with all its freshness!!! Visiting the coffee plantations helps you breathe the fresh smell of real coffee seeds. You can get an amazing chance to know about coffee making. Elephant camp involves trip with elephants, visiting the places of them and feeding them. Though there 2 to 3 falls in Coorg, abbey falls is the most tourist visited one. The force and the view are amazing to enjoy a chill bath! As Coorg is a hill station, it is very familiar for sightseeing and honeymooners to definitely adore their trip. Luxurious resorts and spa, restaurants with great yummy foods, candlelight dinners especially for you and many other entertaining places in Coorg are a must to be enjoyed at least once! Do not miss it!

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