Mulla Mohamed Mosque


Introduction of Mulla Mohamed mosque

A part of Kuthbha house of God was engineered as Muslim Mohamed house of God, to evangelise Urdu called Mulla Mohamed Mosque. This mosque has a little pool of fishes; a clean hall used for cookery throughout Ramzan this house of God conjointly has Jenesha for the funeral facility. Throughout all the necessary festivals, the house of God is brilliantly lit and fantastically embellished. The Mulla Mohamed Mosque is near to Pondicherry Railway Station‎, Mullah Street, Pondicherry, India. It’s well known for its special prayers on Friday.

Preaching in Mulla Mohamed mosque

To have the preaching in Urdu and Urdu in Islam one part of Kuthbha Mosque was built as Mulla Mohamed Mosque. This mosque has a small pond with fishes, clean hall, and RAMJAN fasting food cooking hall and Jenesha in it. Pondicherry is very familiar with historic temples and churches. Besides this Pondicherry city has several ancient mosques erected in this soil that also boasts other popular mosques. Mosques build in this are pretty and a wonderful identity of communal harmony.

Mosques in Pondicherry

There are ancient and modern mosques still preserved and ready to visit during a trip to Pondicherry. The mosques here display the wonderful and eye-catching architecture, behind its peaceful ambience. One of the oldest mosques in Pondicherry is the Kuthbha mosque which is popularly known as the Mulla Mohamed mosque. Muslim people throughout this Pondicherry city visit the mosque regularly for their prayers. Mulla Mohamed mosque is an integral part of Kuthbha mosque. Religious places impact the culture tradition and lifestyle of the local residents.

Muslim religion in Pondicherry

Muslims gather in this mosque every morning for preaching. Though Pondicherry city has majority of Hindu peoples it also possess significant number of Muslim people. For these religious places Pondy is dear called as Peaceful Pondicherry. Mulla Mohamed mosque was the first one to be built in Pondicherry territory. This pretty architecture is found near seventh day college. In the southern part of Pondicherry town this mosque are is known as white area which is destination for preaching for Islamic people.

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