Pondicherry, Puducherry, India


Pondicherry is a cute little city found close to Chennai. People call it as Pondy shortly. Pondicherry is a perfect breakthrough place for peace and meditation. The hub of the city is famously known to be white town. One of the famous tourist places would be the Manakula Vinayagar temple, Auroville and Aurobindo ashram. The city has the proven resemblance of French establishment and rule in early times. Now, it has specific educational systems for French separately. Still the existence of French can be noted numerously in Pondicherry. The government and other buildings have a great resemblance to French architecture. The town is well known for its beaches. The major Promenade beach has all the main tourist places within! The churches and temples in Pondicherry are extremely designed with wonderful architecture. The mix of architecture with Indian and French is really good to visit and admire the culture united with them! Pondicherry is very well known for hot drinks!!! You can find out your best bars in the centre of the city. The city offers you many luxurious resorts on your convenience. Resorts within the city are great to enjoy the environment. If you are a serene lover, you can also choose resorts outside the city. Extreme luxurious resorts like Ocean spray, Windflower resort and spa and much more are found quite away from the city. Beach resorts could be amazinw when compared to all other. Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry is a great treasure to have your peace of mind. All religious temples are famous in Pondicherry. It is a good sign to have an experience where all cultures are mixed and unity is felt. Each temple, churches and mosques have their unique popularity in place. Auroville is the main attraction in tourist places of Pondicherry. A perfect meditation hall is designed with excellent energy where people can feel the positive vibe! The streets in Pondicherry are largely named with French and English names. Still the places are maintained with same names. Shopping centres near the beach and town can extremely amuse you with varieties! The city tempts you to shop every day. The architecture of buildings in the city is excellent to click photos with tall arched doors. Pondy is one of the famous shooting spots for Tamil cinemas! Parks and botanical gardens play a major role in evergreen ambience in and around the tourist places! The roadside of Promenade beach is called Goubert avenue that extends until the end. War memorials, statues, parks, museums are widely on the beach road! Auroville conducts cultural dance and other game events to entertain devotees who stay a while in Auroville. The city conducts an art exhibition every year in the Pondy art where talents from various countries and regions are encouraged to display their intelligence in art! Festivals of temples, birth anniversaries, remembrance day celebrations are often seen in Pondicherry grandly. The recent innovation of research centre in Pondicherry is the science planetarium found with enormous intellectual creations. Monuments and statues play a vital role in Pondicherry as it is some way related to the city. Do not miss your lovely visit to Pondicherry!

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