Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India


Coonoor is a small town located in Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. A hill station present in-between Mettupalayam and Ooty is Coonoor. People from Coimbatore have this place as a weekend spot as it has many attractive tourist spots. There are numerous Coonoor hotels for a peaceful stay! Cottages and resorts are more familiar in Coonoor with great hospitality. The place is similar to Ooty but more popular than Ooty for its rich hotels and resorts. Coonoor is well known for its abundance of tea plantations. But the overall town is not much developed so, you cannot expect a shopping visit in Coonoor. Sim’s park is the most attractive place to visit where you can enjoy the lush green gardens with lots of roses! A great botanical garden with a perfect maintenance of gardening could tempt you to stay in Coonoor. There are other fascinating spots like lamb’s rock, Lady Canning’s seat and Dolphins nose. Falls and dam are pretty much beautiful in Coonoor to enjoy a full week vacation! Dolphins Nose is an excellent top Mountain viewpoint. You could view the entire city in and around Coonoor. Lamb’s rock is a place where you are about to travel a high peak of a hill and drop down to a great treasure inside full of evergreen trees and tea plantations on the road side. The stunning Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary is located in Coonoor. Snooker would be a great entertainment in all Coonoor hotels. It is a game that was introduced by England before Independence. First, it was used in Ooty’s club. A real entertainer game to enjoy on your vacation in your stay place is Snooker. You can definitely enjoy a spiritful for racing in Coonoor. The hill area is not only a tourist spot. It has many attractions involving real sports activities! Snooker and horse racing are mostly seen in Coonoor. Black Thunder amusement park is found close to the rich Coonoor hotels. St. Catherine falls is amazing among all others to adore the environment of the city. Tea factory is another interesting way for you to know about Coonoor. They do their major trade and marketing through Tea. You can get the fresh tea powders directly from the factories at reasonable rates. The tea estates are numerous and wonderful to visit around. You can stay at Coonoor hotels leisurely, spend time and have fun! The Gateway Hotel in Coonoor is good with extreme hospitality, luxury and great comfort. The rooms are like a wood house near the beach. It obviously warms you for a cool climate outside. Your rooms are like a small house with a compatible hall, study table near the window, a comfy balcony and an excellent bed to have your sweet dreams! Spa facilities are extremely pure and healthy to distress you! Candle light dinner at hillside outdoor seating is the most romantic part ever you can enjoy in the Coonoor hotels. The restaurant serves you tasty foods with good service and care. Bar with private seating is luxurious to have a party drink at nights club within the hotel. You can book rooms based on your comfort with standard and executive rooms! Do not miss your stay at luxurious Coonoor Hotels.

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