Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India


Yercaud is one of the leading tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu. It is also dearly called Shevaroy hills. Lady’s seat is the famous tourist attractions in Yercaud. You will enter into a separate telescopic view room from where you can admire the top view of Salem from the hills. A small pathway to reach the viewpoint is gorgeous with many little snacks shops. The pathway is filled with various shops for you to snack and enjoy the climate! Lady’s seat is a perfect photogenic place to click your memories in Yercaud. The cool breeze keeps you fresh and engaged with that active environment. Monkeys are numerous to get the snacks you paid! The big lake is other most significant destination in Yercaud. Boating in different means within the limit of safety is good to experience. Paddle boating can be interesting to go on your own to an unknown place! The pedaling boat is good to enjoy the view of the entire lake around you. The big lake is colorful to enjoy and you can visit the garden near the lake with pets around. Statues of cute animals attract children to engage with them. Kiliyur falls is the most entertaining place to walk on the rocks and admire little falls very close to you. It feels like walking in an adventure to search for a treasure. The humming of Birds pleases you with sweetness and calm mind. Children and youngsters would love to walk on the rocks to reach the falls. It is quite difficult for aged persons to reach the place where falls exists. Though you have steps designed to reach the height int he mountain, in some places rock pathway is steep to walk. A nice trekking experience can be had while visiting any falls within Yercaud. Pagoda point is a view point with great scenic views of entire Salem and places near Yercaud. A nice place to enjoy the climate. Protection is given at the top view place with fencing. To click your memories in your camera, separate shadow point is designed from where a stunning view of the mountains is seen. The entire sceneries in Yercaud are good to experience with the cool breeze climate. Botanical garden of Yercaud. Seasonal flowers are lovely with enormous varieties. Colorful roses enhance the beauty of the entire botanical garden. Medicinal plants are also planted and preserved in the garden. A well-maintained park with great carving in the grass is made during vacation times. Hotel Shevaroys is a top rated hotel in Yercaud. The hotel has private villa facilities, luxury villas, bungalows and mountain view rooms. You are provided with free wifi connection. You can book priorly through online and have some extra offers like stay included with free breakfast. A full-service spa is available with great luxury for your comfort. There are indoor games to keep you engaged when you are spending a full day in the hotel. The bar inside the hotel has best drinks out of all in entire Yercaud hotels. Roof top terrace with candle light dinner on special booking for a honeymoon is excellent to experience in Yercaud with the romantic climate at night!

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