Pondy cycle tour | Pondicherry White Town Visit


A cycle round in Pondicherry

It is everything about a cycling tour in and around the city to promote viable tourism and way of transport, more courteous of the environment but also of people and their lifestyle while discovering many of the faces in this unique city of India, especially thanks to its multiculturalism. Presentation of Pondy cycle tour in association with Sita Cultural Center and My Vintage for the Pondy Cycle Tour. Every morning initiated by 7 am to 9 am, 5 cycles are entirely customized, originals and eccentric will wait for you to explore the Pondicherry. A guide will take you from Muslim area to an area called kuruchikuppam via goubert market and heritage town. This tour will make you feel the morning vibration of the white city when it is calm as it wakes up with its streets empty.

Interesting Pondy cycle tour

Whether people travelling on this cycle tour are aware of the city or not doesn’t matter as this tour has been thought for everybody.  Indians, foreigners and even the people who live here will have worth spending time in pedalling free from tension and passing around Nehru street will sound good more than anything else. With a quite rhythm and atmosphere being friendly, not along a big speech but only a nice balance of all things going on makes Pondicherry a very pretty region. In sita’s garden, French or Indian breakfast would be yummy as ever.

Exposure to Pondicherry

The cost for this varies according to adults and children and the pricing will be reasonable. Moreover, this tour is done in a variety of languages according to the tourists like in English, French, Tamil, Hindi, Oriya and Bengali. They provide water bottle to tackle in this sunny season, cycle map for people to be aware of where they are yet to visit, breakfast for their tasty dining in Pondicherry and helmet for their safety. This cycle tour is safe and enthusiastic. 

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