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Puducherry Planetarium and Science Centre is a unique planetarium to be discovered in Puducherry. The national council of science museums decided to design and develop a planetarium in the region of Pondicherry by the year 2015.

Creative planetarium and science centre in Puducherry

Puducherry is already famous for its Ashram, Auroville and French architecture buildings. Further to boost Puducherry in a science forum, an extremely innovative planetarium is set. The visitors, especially children get excited to play in each and every science-oriented games and themes.

Science related games

In the planetarium, there are live experiments related with science corroboration. The entire planetarium occupies a space of 3-acre land that is truly designed with several blocks related to science. There is also a play section for children at the right side, as you enter the planetarium. Simple rides found in the garden also involve various exercises related with science.

Funders of planetarium in Pondicherry

The Government of India sponsored the overall cost for the planetarium project that reached around 375 lakhs. The Government of Puducherry took the responsibility and promoted the entire cost for the design and development of Digital Planetarium which is one of the interesting blocks in the planetarium. The Planetarium is majorly divided into four blocks and they are of Marine life, fun science, science park and a digital planetarium.

Marine Life in planetarium

It is mainly designed to determine the nature of our planet. Marine life is a vast resource that provides importance for food, raw materials and medicine. Marine life block also supports for recreation and tourism found all over the world. Marine life displays various kinds of the aquarium and entirely designed to attract children and youngsters. But you can see the old ages who are admiring at the little experiments made regarding ocean and sea.

As you enter this marine life you can be excited to see the colourful artificial fish tank decorated with magical lights. Apart from excitement, marine life is designed with simple projects that create awareness among people about several natural disasters.

Attractive fun science block

The best entertaining part in the planetarium is the fun science. People of all ages would love to play in each and every science-oriented experiment. This section makes you remember all about your childhood studies, especially the physics.

Fun science block displays inspiring photos related to space and satellites. It has a gallery with a variety of fun experiments. Some of the experiments like Illusion wells that go deep in depth, lenses that shows you with a difference in height and bulge view. There are many more interesting experiments inside the Fun science block. Do not miss to visit the fun science when you go to the planetarium in Pondicherry.

Enthusiastic science park

All the games found in the science park relate to principles of Science. Children always love to play these games and they are also explored to science by playing in the science park of the planetarium. The atmosphere of the park is filled with a pleasant green environment.

Simple games and experiments are also found in the pathway of the garden around the planetarium. It attracts everyone with its science-related theme. Each game and experiments found in the planetarium is unique and fascinating!

Gorgeous digital planetarium and science centre

The aspects of astronomy are explained and educated inside the digital planetarium. The dynamic sky that illustrates 3D pictures captivates everyone to visit the planetarium. A heavenly environment is innovated inside a dome and with its accuracy regarding space. It shows you a live astronomy as if you are in space!

Digital planetarium is the favourite part of all people. Though you can feel that the time spent inside the digital planetarium is short, it is worth spending a few minutes to have the exact live feel of astronomy!

Timings of planetarium

The Planetarium is open from morning 10:00 a.m. till evening 5:30 p.m. There are opportunities for inviting children from schools, students from various colleges to visit the planetarium during an annual science fair. Management of planetarium and science centre invites students from schools and colleges occasionally.

Other innovations and space

A conference hall accommodates around hundreds of people. During national and international seminars and conferences related to science, scientists from various departments can participate.

An educational research block near science park involves the display of various scientists’ autobiographies and more collection of books connected to science. It defines a simple scientific library that is useful for all, who are passionate about Science. A small canteen is also accessible at the back of fun science block to take a break and the entire atmosphere of the planetarium is maintained with cleanliness. 

No. 25/22, 1st Main Road,
Kurunji Nagar, Lawspet,

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