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Travaux Publics | Public Work Department


Public works department in Pondicherry is called Travaux Publics. The office of Travaux publics takes the major role of the technical organisation. The in charge of planning, designing, construction and maintenance of roads are taken care by PWD.

Responsibilities of Travaux Publics

Then the control of buildings, irrigation, flood control, public health engineering is done by Travaux publics. The other properties for all the 4 regions likely Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam responsibilities are taken care by PWD office in Pondicherry.

The department was known as Service des Travaux Publics during the French rule with their headquarters at Pondicherry. Till date, the architectural and French heritage is preserved and maintained by PWD.

In early times, during French rule in India, French engineers were expert in irrigation works, bridges and roads. Those works are still sustaining and maintained by the people in Pondicherry after the French left India.

Ancient buildings in Pondicherry

PWD department deserves the honour in the maintenance of ancient buildings in Pondicherry like the Police Quad, Assembly Complex, court, Raj Niwas, Travaux publics and some more along with the help of Electricity Department. Pondicherry has conserved water supply to the entire town during French establishment in India.

The big well in Muthirapalayam water supply system was created in 1902 and being maintained by Travaux publics. By the utilisation of technical skills and professional expertise of workers from Public works department various buildings are built with aesthetics and elegance.

Role of PWD

Buildings that are yet to be built will be a great landmark in Pondicherry. To plan the infrastructure for upcoming buildings, roads, irrigation, workers of travaux publics play a vital role.

Also to provide basic infrastructure that will be required for public buildings, roads, water supply, flood control and many other works. 

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